Warmaster 2057

     For a long time, humans lived in peace. This was about to change when the north pole's axial position shifted over the years.  What would happen would change the face of the Earth for all time...
     It was the later part of 2055 when strange things began happening in the Yucatan Peninsula, and to a lesser extent all around the world.  Villagers and tourists reported a storm-like cloud on the ground, wider than a house.  It seemed to increase in mass, when creatures began to pour out from it.  The creatures mutilated, pillaged, and razed all that they came in contact with.  Several governments from around the world sent troops to contain this disturbance.  It was contained.... or so the general public thought.   
     What really happened was that the governments of the U.S., Russia, and China sent troops into what they surmised was a portal that goes into a different dimension.  It was a fierce war that costed the lives of every single human being that was sent through this hellish portal.  Except that there was one man that still stood in the blood-red mist amongst piles of dead marines.  He was the master of war.   
     The sole survivor of the holocaust of armies sought out to continue his mission on eradicating the forces within the portal.  He called it Hell, and there may be a very real truth to his claim.  The creatures were large and terrifying, much like the demons depicted in religion and fiction.  Some, however, were some amalgamation of demon and machine.  The war-master had this idea that perhaps the demons were wounded and decided to forge the parts of marine armor and weapons onto their demonic bodies. This makes them a more formidable enemy than ever before.   
     What will he encounter in the deeper regions of this "Hell"?  Will he survive?  Will he succeed in annihilating the demonic horde thus saving the entire world from utter chaos?