Of Mayhem, Of Olden Times
cattles call dead heroes
memories whispering in the wind
in the grasslands
over great mountains
visions of alchemy
ghosts of old battles
lurking deep inside
mystic knights clashing
mages summoning great beasts
empires crumbling
countries falling into chaos
death encompassing
silence engulfing
fading into a starry night
within stars are born
new warriors
new kings
new worlds
of mayhem, of olden times

Sleeping Worlds
awakening in our thoughts
spiraling of incandescence
kadelioscope of dreams
intermingled with spirits
with love
with hatred
with death
forsaking eternal order
giving birth to change
for mankind
for sleeping worlds
worlds beckoning us
in our dreams
in our hearts
the everlasting cry
giving way to new exploration
new frontiers of the living
new civilizations of man
awakening the sleeping worlds

The Warrior
strong is the warrior
of man's destruction
of eternal rage
of strength long unseen
beckoning a new era
fighting for dire change
crying of land vanishing
man is blind
man is ignorant
the warrior shall empower
man will see
man will be aware
and they shall learn
strong is the warrior
of man's salvation

lost in cellars grim
frightful in catacombs dead
forsaken in purgatory
the fearful, in limbo
the terrorized, in agony
shadows of maiming
red men murdering
bricks of red running
weak men dying
in purgatory
in damnation
in immolation
forever are men tortured
of body
of mind

untitled 2
the powers that be
shall be ours to keep
never like roses withering
within souls lurk every misery
fearful of revelation
tearful of hoping
running from darkness untold
strengthening the body
hastening the retreat
yet the mind dies

In the Thoughts of Sorrow
pain shattered our resolve
omens were foreseen
prophecies of destruction
faltering men of iron
within our darkness
within our emptiness
black suns
midnight ravens
gathering the misery
waves of despair
in the thoughts of sorrow

embers of fire pained
dying cries of the lost
foretold prophets in history
ashes of cities smeared
with premonitions of dreams shattered
memories in shards falling
moments of insanity
ages of malfeasance
overseen agonies
unseen torture
premonitions of hatred mastered
discordant chaos
dissonant madness

Glorified Blood
emblems of conquest
glorified in the blood of men
honored by blind kings
swords in the breeze
praising hollow victories
with victors
with champions
of days long corrupt
charging over hills
frail land toiled
glorified in the blood of men

O, Inferno
rustling in the woods
murmuring in darkness
torches brighten
flames engulf
screams echo
blazes rage on
horses under hate
trampling eyes of frailty
o, inferno
gone is their hope
weak is their faith
bleak is their fate
o, inferno
engulfing hatred
embers fall
fragments of fury left
their burning tears now ash
o, inferno!

haunted night crying
ravens staring
owls glaring
wolves snarling
thunder clouds gathering
distant bells tolling
thunder rumbling
lightning bolts striking
black sky crying
ravens fluttering
owls hooting
wolves whimpering
thunderstorm crashing
lightning booming
ground rumbling
winds gusting
thunderbolts blasting
trees falling
flames spreading
rains subsiding
fires engulfing
animals screeching
wildfire smoldering
dawn becoming
ashes blowing
nature dies.

from horizons blow death
across barren plains
across hallow forests
the struggle diminishes
the fighting dies
anger rises from nothing
burning and becoming
mutating into malice
storming and storming
searing my soul
soon raging
soon consuming
the days of hatred eternal
within my shattered soul

The Despair
voices down below
wanting, needing
for air, for freedom
arms madly flailing
clawing at frail hearts
tombs of victims echo
overlapping cries
the despair, maddening
the misery, infecting
the souls, condemned

Bleak Hatred
the dreams flood from within
surging with the might of hatred
pouring and pouring into the abyss
clouds upon distant bleakness
rumbling despair upon dead trees
growing and growing cacophony of malice
the kings of down under mutter ancient words
dreaming of the dream beckoning us
thrashing of fear, of rage
calling up the bringers of the untold war
their wrath, summoned
their hunger, wanting
their hatred, seething
bellowing in newfound power, they seek
chanting and chanting in unknown language
destroying the flesh of men
maiming the innocent
devouring the unrepenting
forever are dreams hatred
neverending is the pain of sorrow
bleakness clouds over
withering trees die
and the abyss bellows.........

Dark Summoning
Come, Char-Gul
Come, Yordrim Gar
Come, Chyderok
Warlords of the Unspeakable War
War against heaven
Of fallen angels
Of fallen knights
Dire is our calling
Unforgivable is our Father
Now is the time
Now is the resurrection
Now is purification
Come, Warlord Gods
We summon you
Command the legions of hell
Once more reign upon Earth
Come, Black Emperors
Burst forth your fiery might
Strike fear into the hearts of mortals
Pulverize mankind into oblivion

Perfect Plus
my poems blow whale cock
look at me
i'm so cool
stop reading this
go eat baloney
you damn honey mustard bastard
drink your mango margarita
go to your Cher concerts
see Seigfried and Roy
blow a gay biker cop at YMCA
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